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The Meadery

McKinley’s Meadery is located in Hebron, Ohio. Our passion for meads developed from our passion for honey bees and beekeeping.  In 2013 after collecting a bountiful honey crop, we had a small surplus of honey, and decided to experiment with various types of meads. What began as a few one and two gallon experimental batches, led to a business venture. After designating and remodeling a large portion of our home’s basement for the business, McKinley’s Meadery is now a federal and state licensed meadery.

Our first two meads were released in 2020, a traditional style sweet mead and a black raspberry melomel. In late 2021, we released several more styles of meads including cysers and metheglins. In 2022, we are looking forward to adding a few more mead styles to our product list, as well as, starting some new meads for 2023.

We are dedicated to crafting the most exceptional meads possible using the finest ingredients available. For us this process starts with the honey bees.   Each one of our meads is crafted in small batches, 100 gallons or less, using a delicious blend of wildflower honey from our own hives and other high quality honey sources. The fruits and spices we use are also obtained through quality sources or grown by us here at McKinley’s Meadery.
The Apiary

It all started with honey bees.

The McKinley family has had a long history with honey bees.  The McKinley’s have been beekeeping for four generations dating back as far as the early 1930’s. Our grandpa’s earliest memories of beekeeping is when he was about five or six years old and his dad (our great grandpa) got his first hive. Ever since then, for over 85 years our grandpa has been captivated with honey bees. His extensive knowledge of honey bees has been taught to his children, grandchildren and even a few great grandchildren. In 2020 at 92 years old he decided to retire physically from beekeeping. However, mentally he still has the same drive and passion he started with all those years ago. He has passed on this drive and passion to several of his descendants, and one grandchild who developed a passion for making meads.

Today we still keep bees on the same property that our grandpa and great grandpa kept bees, but we have also expanded to keeping bees on several out-yards around the Licking County area and continue to strive to increase our colony numbers each year.
The Texas Mead Cup award
The Texas Mead Cup

Results are in and we are excited to announce that 3 of our 4 entries placed!

In the traditional mead category our Mead won 1st place and our Sweet Mead won 2nd place!
In addition our Cyser won 2nd place in the cyser category.

Also shout out to all the meaderies across the US and Canada that participated and made this a tough competition.