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The Meadery

McKinley’s Meadery is a start up business located in Hebron, Ohio. Jarrod’s (owner) passion for meads developed from his passion of bees and beekeeping.  In 2013 after a collecting a bountiful honey crop, Jarrod found himself with a small surplus of honey and decided to experiment with various types of meads. What began as a few one and two gallon experimental batches eventually lead to a business venture for the home brewer. After designating and remodeling a large portion of his home’s basement for the business, McKinley’s Meadery is now a federal and state licensed meadery. Our first two mead products were released in 2020, a traditional style sweet mead and a black raspberry melomel, and we have several more products waiting to be released in 2021.

We are dedicated to crafting the most exceptional meads possible using the best ingredients available. Each one of our meads is crafted using a delicious blend of wildflower honey either from our own hives and/or other reliable sources. For us this process starts with the honey bees.
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Our Apiary and Winery

It all started with honey bees. Jarrod began taking an interest in bees and beekeeping at a young age. His grandfather is an avid beekeeper and Jarrod often watched and observed, learning all he could. At 13 years old, Jarrod was given his own hive to manage. Within a few years he had added several more hives to his apiary and strived for more. Currently our apiary consists of 15 beehives split between several out-yards located in the Licking county area. We are excited to be able to share our passion for mead and bees with others.